These Hairstyles Are Best Suited for Your Face Shape – Women

When picking a new hairstyle or haircut it is important to take into consideration your face shape. You could get the trendiest haircut but it need not necessarily work with your face shape. Here is your guide to strategically pick a hairstyle that compliments your features and facial structure the best! 

  1. Square-shaped face: If you have a square face, the widest points of your face are equal in length and your jaw and forehead are squared off. The best hairstyles for you include rounded-off bangs with long hair or a classic 90s blowout.  Square shaped face
  2. Round-shaped face: If you have a round face, the widest parts of your face are equal to the length of your face. There are no sharp angles; your jawline is smooth and circular. The goal here is to elongate your face, you can achieve this by adding some wispy layers to your hair. Ideally, long hair works the best for round faces, try avoiding bobs. Round shaped face
  3. Diamond-shaped faces: If you have a diamond-shaped face your cheekbones are very prominent as they are the widest point of your face, you are also likely to have a short forehead and a sharp jawline. A sleek bob or straight medium-length hair is the best suited for this face shape. Diamond shaped face
  4. Rectangular shaped face: If you have a rectangular-shaped face the distance between your cheekbones and jawline is likely to be the same, your face is longer than it is wide. You can accentuate your features by adding some layering at the cheekbones, shorter hair with a side bang will also help enhance your facial structure. Rectangular shaped face
  5. Heart-shaped face: If you have a heart-shaped face, you’re likely to have a wider forehead, a sharp jawline, and wide cheekbones. The hairstyles that are best fit for you are shorter in length and are rounded at the chin. Another look that will suit you is a beachy wave with soft layering.Heart shaped face
  6. Oval-shaped face: An oval-shaped face is characterized by a soft jawline and a rounded hairline. The length of your face is slightly longer than its width. The oval shape is the most ideal facial structure and all hairstyles go with it!Oval shaped face

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