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All-in-one digital assistant for beauty and wellness centers to streamline operations, reduce customer acquisition costs, and elevate customer value.

Trusted by Leading Salons, Spas, Nail Studios, Skin Clinics, Hair Extension Centers and Tattoo Studios


More revenue


Higher customer retention


Increase in employee engagement

Mishandled Appointments, Confused Customers, Disoriented Team, Outdated Marketing Strategies

Clunky Systems, Stressed Out Staff

Stagnant Growth, Frustrated Team

Let's be honest

Your Business Deserves Streamlined Operations, Not Outdated Pen and Paper.

Managing your beauty and wellness operations is challenging. Pen & paper, and Excel lead to missed appointments and jumbled information. This costs you valuable time, lost productivity, and eats into your profits.

Lack of personalized customer service results in disappointed customers, leading to loss of revenue and missed opportunities..

Under-nurtured customers lead to under performing business. Scattered marketing efforts often lead to messages that miss the mark.
Leads slip through the cracks, leading to missed conversion opportunities.

Separate mobile apps like Workplace from Meta add friction and overhead.

Stop using those clunky software that wasn't built for salon owners and managers.
Switch to Zylu today!

Seamless Solutions to Your Problems:

Intelligent CRM

Know your customers so well that you will know exactly what to say the next time they call/visit you!

Appointment Management

Steer clear of double bookings, slash those no-shows, and level up your salon’s efficiency big time. That’s the winning formula for running a top-notch operation!


Hit them up on SMS, WhatsApp, and Email. Engage customers right where they hang out, and getting those response rates through the roof!

Sell More like a Pro

Sell more! No one was rewarded for being a average business. Customers appreciate personalized services and products.

Combine the power of AI + ease of Use.

Transform your salon with AI-powered CRM, POS, and inventory management.

Implement Zylu quickly for on-the-go management and customer insights.

Manage your salon efficiently with an intuitive system that doesn't require a dedicated manager

Elevate collaboration and connect with clients through digital platforms.

Intelligent CRM

Say goodbye to generic interactions and hello to personalized experiences with Zylu's Intelligent CRM.​

  • Seamlessly manage customer relationships by accessing detailed profiles, appointment histories, and purchasing behavior.
  • Tailor your services to each client, fostering loyalty and driving repeat business.


No more scattered campaigns. Revolutionize your marketing efforts with Zylu.

  • Send targeted SMS, WhatsApp, and email messages tailored to specific customer segments.
  • Engage and inform your audience with personalized campaigns that resonate, boosting sales and maximizing marketing ROI.


Effortless Scheduling. Bid farewell to scheduling headaches with Zylu's Appointment Management.

  • Effortlessly handle staff appointments, set reminders, and automate follow-ups.
  • Focus on delivering exceptional services while Zylu takes care of the intricate scheduling details, ensuring smooth operations and satisfied clients.


Data-Driven Decision Making. Empower your business with Zylu's Reporting and Business Intelligence tools.

  • Gain deep insights into sales data, customer behavior, and overall business performance.
  • Make informed decisions, identify growth opportunities, and drive continuous improvement, fueling your success.


Convert More Opportunities. Say goodbye to missed conversion opportunities.

  • Capture, track, and convert leads effortlessly with Zylu’s Lead Management.
  • From initial contact to conversion, our tools keep you organized and help maximize your potential to turn leads into loyal customers.

Sound too good to be true?

Hear it from our customers.

In just one month, the billing software has made managing finances much easier compared to our previous solution. The app is user-friendly, and my employees have quickly adapted to it, increasing their efficiency. Zylu has simplified our operations, and I highly recommend it for its ease of use and employee management.

Naresh Toni&Guy

The software is incredibly user-friendly, allowing me to manage operations effortlessly. The loyalty program has been a hit with customers, helping them earn points and rewards. The billing software is seamless and efficient, making transactions a breeze. I am highly satisfied with Zylu and it will be really helpful for salon owner seeking a reliable and user-friendly solution.

Pujan IFA Salon

Zylu has proven to be a valuable asset to my business. Over the past 4 months, their referral program has consistently brought in new customers. I am highly satisfied with their billing software. I would confidently recommend Zylu to business owner seeking reliable and effective solutions

Shabbir Femina Salon

I have been using Zylu for six months now, The software has been an excellent tool for managing my billing process and customer data. It has also been a fantastic asset to my marketing efforts, allowing me to connect with customers more effectively. I appreciate how the software can be customized to fit my specific business needs, making it easy for me to manage everything in one place. Thank you, Zylu, for providing such an authentic and valuable solution for my business.

Akiqul Lavish Family Salon, Salon owner

Zylu has been a valuable addition to my business operations. I absolutely love the digital menu feature and it has helped me save a lot of time and effort. I must say that the customer support provided by Zylu team is top-notch. Zylu ensuring that everything runs smoothly and I am able to make the most of the software. The digital menu has also been a great tool for announcing offers and discounts, which has led to an increase in sales.

Priten Style Hub, Salon owner

I've been using Zylu for several months and it's made a significant difference in the way I manage my home salon. The billing process has become much more efficient and streamlined with the help of this software. I'm even planning to expand to a new salon in the future, and I have no doubt that I'll be using Zylu to support me every step of the way

Dolly Aurburns Doorstep Salon, Salon owner

I've been using Zylu for my salon for the past six months, and I am really happy with the software. It help me manage my staffs more efficiently, but it also has a really helpful billing tool that saves me time and hassle. Plus, The referral program offered by Zylu has been a significant contributor to the growth. I've been able to get new customers and grow my salon with ease. Overall, I highly recommend Zylu to any salon owner looking for a reliable and user-friendly software solution.

Suprit Radiant Unisex Salon, Salon owner

Zylu has significantly helped in my salon business. The user-friendly software has made day-to-day tasks easier, while features like menu scanning and the wallet feature have been incredibly helpful. Although I haven't utilized the referral program effectively yet, I acknowledge its potential for acquiring new customers. Overall, Zylu has everything we need, and with effective utilization, it has the power to boost salon business.

Praveena B-Enzo Unisex Salon & Spa, Salon owner

Zylu has been a fantastic solution for my business. The billing software has greatly improved my financial management over the past 3 months. The exceptional customer support from the Zylu team ensures that I receive prompt assistance when needed. Additionally, the app has reduced my workload as my employees can easily use it.

Shubha Eden roses unisex salon, Salon owner

90% tools are built for billing and appointments alone. We’re here to change that.

Sometime in 2021, we noticed that salons were still using pen, paper and excel to run their business. It is a personal care industry. The customer supposed to be the center of the business. Zylu does just that!


These makeshift solutions were too complex, built for enterprises but sold to small businesses. It requires extensive training, had poor mobile user experience for the gen Z, and were tailored for tech-savvy users.

So, we introduced Zylu. A cutting-edge solution to simplify and streamline beauty and wellness operations, making them stress-free.

Still unsure? Find the answers you’re looking for.

There is a one-time onboarding fee that is mentioned above.

Yes, you can easily switch between plans. Contact our team at [email protected] to do so.  

Zylu software is designed in a way that it can be managed by anyone with a 5 min training. Signup for a live demo and take a tour of Zylu software.

For the basic version, we provide chat support; For the standard version, we provide chat and call support to help your salon staffs with any problems.

Yes, there is an 18% GST on any plan you choose, applicable only to Indian customers.

The merchant charges for the payment gateway are 3% plus GST for any transaction through our payment gateway. (At present only available in India.)

With loads of features encompassing your daily aspects of management. Zylu is designed to adapt to the needs of all aspects of the beauty and wellness industry. Zylu provides you a software to manage your business and we are also a marketplace so that you could be found by customers.

Our pricing varies depending on the size and needs of your staff, which is why we’d love to chat with you, understand your requirements and send over a quote.

What we can promise you is that we’re reasonably priced. Our quotes will not shock you or your exec team. We understand that one of the major barriers to engagement tools is their exorbitant price—and we’re actively working against that tide to provide a solution that every team can afford.

The answer is most likely yes—but we can confirm this for you if you could drop us a message or jump on a quick call with our team!

No need for installations! Zylu operates entirely online through a cloud-based system. Access all the features hassle-free via our online web portal.

Getting started with Zylu is a breeze! Simply book a live demo, and our team will guide you through the rest. It's that easy – leave the onboarding process to us!

Your data is completely safe and secured with us. We use cloud services to store your data and its highly protected. 

Zylu marketplace is an online platform for customers to look for a salon nearby to book appointments online. We have a web based app and an android and IOS  app for your customers to book appointment anytime.

No worries, we don't charge any direct commission on customers you get through Zylu! However, keep in mind that there's a 3% transaction cost from the payment merchants for in-app transactions. It's a small fee for the convenience we provide!

Yes, we do have an iOS and Android app for customers to find your business, which allows them to book appointments online.


Bootstrapped by a small team with a big passion for technology and small businesses.

Big salon chains and home services are eating up small businesses with the advanced tools they could afford. We don’t want small businesses pushed into a corner and shut the door without that. We stay completely independent and focus on empowering small businesses in the beauty and wellness industry.

The tools we provide will help you stay competitive and thrive. We continue to add more growth tools and insights into the app as we learn to grow as one big family.

While we try to keep the subscription cost to a minimum, we do have bills to pay. Support us by buying subscriptions to this mission!

Co-founder, Zylu

Time-consuming manual communication is out. Discover the solution with Zylu.​

  • Eliminate cognitive overload, significantly reduce burnout.
  • Get started in just a few hours.
  • Flexibility that seamlessly adapts to your evolving beauty and wellness business needs.