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With a powerful suite of features and artificial intelligence integration, Zylu empowers businesses like yours to thrive in today's competitive landscape.


Establishing and managing your business becomes effortless with our Essentials

From online booking to customer sentiment analysis, we provide the essential tools to streamline your daily operations and enhance customer interactions.

Unlimited Appointment

Elevate your scheduling experience with unlimited appointment bookings, ensuring a seamless connection with your clients.

Before/After Image Gallery

Showcase your exceptional work through captivating visual stories, sparking conversations about your expertise.

Customer Management

Cultivate meaningful connections with your clients through Zylu’s CRM system, centralizing all interactions for a personalized experience.

Online Booking

Increase customer engagement with an easy and convenient online booking system, making it effortless for clients to connect with your services.

Unlimited Staff

Foster collaboration and enhance teamwork within Zylu, ensuring every team member is aligned for superior customer interactions.

Point Of Sale (POS)​

Cultivate meaningful connections with your clients through Zylu’s CRM system, centralizing all interactions for a personalized experience.

Google Review Collection

Leverage the power of positive reviews to boost your online reputation. Effortlessly collect and manage Google reviews to showcase your excellence.

Digital Service Catalog

Present your diverse range of services in an engaging and digital format. The Digital Service Catalog feature enhances the visibility of your offerings for potential clients.

Split Payments Options

Provide flexibility in payments to your clients. Zylu’s Split Payments Options ensure a seamless and convenient financial experience.


Attracting new customers is made seamless with our Customer Acquisition

Grow your online presence with this all-in-one package! List on marketplaces, integrate with Google, Instagram, and Facebook, and manage inquiries easily. QR codes boost customer interaction. Watch your business blossom!


Expand your reach by listing your services on external marketplaces within Zylu, attracting new customers and increasing visibility.

Instagram Integration

Leverage the power of visuals and engage with a broader audience by integrating Zylu with Instagram, showcasing your services on a popular social media platform.

Facebook Integration

Enhance social media presence and reach a wider audience by integrating Zylu with Facebook, providing a seamless connection between your business and potential customers.

Google My Business Integration

Boost local visibility and credibility with seamless integration with Google My Business, enhancing your online presence and attracting local customers.

Inquiry Management

Streamline communication and manage customer inquiries efficiently within Zylu, ensuring a prompt and personalized response to potential clients.

QR Code Integration

Simplify customer interaction and engagement by incorporating QR Code Integration in Zylu, allowing for quick and easy access to your services and information.


Retaining customers and fostering growth is at the heart of our Retention and Growth

From digital product catalogs to membership programs, cashback incentives, and referral programs, we provide the tools to keep your customers coming back.

Digital Product Catalog

Showcase your range of services and products in a visually appealing digital catalog within Zylu, providing customers with an interactive and informative experience.

Digital Service Catalog

Highlight your services in a comprehensive Digital Service Catalog within Zylu, enabling customers to explore and choose the offerings that suit their needs.

Wallet/Prepaid Card

Enhance customer convenience and encourage prepayments with Wallet and Prepaid Card features in Zylu, streamlining transactions and fostering loyalty.

Loyalty Program

Cultivate lasting relationships by implementing a customizable Loyalty Program in Zylu. Encourage repeat business, reward customer loyalty, and offer exclusive perks to valued clients.

Cashback Programs

Enhance customer satisfaction and retention with Cashback Programs in Zylu, incentivizing purchases by providing a percentage of the transaction amount back to customers.

Reward Programs

Elevate customer engagement with Zylu’s Reward Programs, creating a points-based system that incentivizes interactions and purchases, keeping customers excited and invested.

Sell Products

Expand revenue streams by selling products directly through Zylu, creating a seamless shopping experience for your customers.


Cultivate a dedicated customer base by offering membership programs within Zylu, providing exclusive benefits and personalized experiences.


Boost sales and customer satisfaction with packaged service offerings in Zylu, providing value and flexibility for your clients.

Referral Programs

Encourage word-of-mouth marketing and customer acquisition with Referral Programs in Zylu, rewarding customers for bringing in new business.


Allow customers to show appreciation for your services by providing a tipping feature within Zylu, enhancing the overall customer experience.


Level Up Your Marketing: Reach More, Engage Deeper, Playful Profits

Capture attention with banners, templates, and smart outreach. Engage customers via WhatsApp, SMS billing, and add fun with Spin 2 Save promotions for all ages.

Promotional Banners

Create eye-catching promotional banners within Zylu to highlight special offers and events, capturing customer attention and driving engagement.

Automatic Notifications

Keep customers informed and engaged with automated notifications in Zylu, covering appointments, promotions, and essential updates.

Smart Outreach

Implement intelligent outreach strategies within Zylu to engage with your audience effectively, maximizing the impact of your marketing efforts.

Personalized Marketing Templates

Craft personalized marketing materials easily with Zylu’s templates, ensuring targeted and effective communication with your audience.

Send Notifications From Device

Stay connected with customers by sending notifications directly from your device within Zylu, ensuring timely updates and information sharing.

Send Notifications From API

Integrate Zylu with external systems to send notifications programmatically, streamlining communication processes for increased efficiency.

SMS Billing

Facilitate billing and communication through SMS within Zylu, expanding your reach and ensuring effective communication.

WhatsApp Billing

Enable billing and transactions through WhatsApp within Zylu, providing a seamless and convenient customer experience.


Create and distribute digital coupons within Zylu to incentivize purchases, encouraging customer loyalty and boosting sales.

Spin 2 Save (Kids & Adults)

Add an interactive and engaging element to your marketing strategy with Spin 2 Save games within Zylu, catering to both kids and adults for increased fun and participation.

Customer Segmentation

Target specific customer groups with tailored campaigns using Zylu’s Customer Segmentation feature, optimizing marketing efforts for relevance.


Simplify and streamline your day-to-day operations

Whether you provide home services, manage expenses, or oversee multiple stores, our package offers the tools you need.

Home Service

Extend Zylu’s services to clients at their location, providing convenient and personalized home services.


Track and manage business expenses efficiently for accurate financial reporting within Zylu’s Expenses feature.

Vendor Management

Effectively manage relationships with vendors and suppliers through Zylu’s Vendor Management, ensuring seamless collaborations.

Online Booking

Increase customer engagement with an easy and convenient online booking system, making it effortless for clients to connect with your services.

Review Collection

Foster collaboration and enhance teamwork within Zylu, ensuring every team member is aligned for superior customer interactions.

Multi-Store Access

Manage and monitor multiple business locations from a single platform with Zylu’s Multi-Store Access feature.

Access levels for Staff and Manager/Owner

Implement access controls to restrict and grant permissions based on roles, ensuring secure operations and data management within Zylu.


Unlock advanced capabilities with our feature-rich Advanced Features.

From consent forms to staff sales target tracking, role-based access, and advanced inventory management, gain precision, control, and customization for your business.

Consent Form

Streamline trust and compliance with Zylu’s digital Consent Form feature, simplifying the creation, management, and storage of consent documentation.

Cash Register

Manage walk-in services and event payments seamlessly with Zylu’s integrated Cash Register, providing a clear record of cash transactions for financial control.

Staff Access

Enhance data security and integrity with Zylu’s Staff Access feature, defining and controlling staff access based on roles and responsibilities.

Staff Sales Target Tracking

Drive performance and motivation by setting, tracking, and managing sales targets for staff with Zylu’s Sales Target Tracking feature.

Resource Management​

Optimize operational efficiency by effectively allocating staff, equipment, and facilities with Zylu’s Resource Management feature.

Role-Based Access

Strengthen security and organization by implementing Role-Based Access Control in Zylu, customizing access levels for each role.

Advanced Inventory Management

Elevate inventory control with Zylu’s Advanced Inventory Management, tracking stock levels, managing product variations, and streamlining reordering.

Abuse Protection

Safeguard platform integrity proactively with Zylu’s Abuse Protection feature, preventing and mitigating abuse for a secure and trustworthy environment.


Make informed decisions with our Analytics and Reports

Gain a comprehensive business overview, understand customer behavior, and track sales, revenue, and inventory through detailed reports.

Business Overview

Gain a comprehensive Business Overview for Zylu, providing a snapshot of key metrics, performance indicators, and overall business health.

Staff Reports

Evaluate individual and collective staff performance with Staff Reports, enabling Zylu to recognize top performers and identify areas for improvement.

Sales Reports

Analyze sales data comprehensively with Sales Reports, providing insights into revenue streams, popular services, and opportunities for growth.

Inventory Reports

Track and manage inventory efficiently with Inventory Reports, ensuring Zylu has real-time visibility into stock levels and product consumption.

Appointment Reports

Access detailed Appointment Reports to understand scheduling patterns, peak hours, and optimize staff resources for improved customer service.

Staff Commission

Calculate and manage staff commissions accurately with the Staff Commission feature, ensuring fair compensation and motivation for the Zylu team.

Product Consumption Reports

Monitor product consumption trends with Product Consumption Reports, allowing Zylu to make informed decisions regarding inventory and promotions.

Staff Performance Tracking

Implement Staff Performance Tracking to measure and enhance individual and team efficiency, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Customer Insights and Revenue Potential

Understand your client base and uncover revenue potential with Customer Insights. Analyze trends, preferences, and behaviors for targeted strategies.


Our Support ensures you're never alone on your business journey.

Get priority support with chat and phone assistance, along with a dedicated account manager for personalized guidance. We're here to ensure your success and help you achieve your business goals on our platform.

Chat Support

Connect with our team instantly through Chat Support for immediate assistance and real-time problem resolution.

Telephone Support

Reach us directly via Telephone Support for personalized assistance and a human touch to address your concerns.

Priority Support

Enjoy prioritized attention with our Priority Support service, ensuring that your queries and concerns are addressed with urgency.

Dedicated Account Manager

Benefit from a Dedicated Account Manager assigned to your Zylu account for personalized guidance, ongoing support, and a deep understanding of your unique needs.

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  • Get started in just a few hours.
  • Flexibility that seamlessly adapts to your evolving beauty and wellness business needs.