Gen Z Approved Hairstyles for Post Lockdown

During the lockdown, everybody found ways to keep their spirits up, and the fact that we didn’t have access to hairdressers forced us to take matters into our own hands.

Here are 5 Gen Z approved Hairstyles For You To Look At On Fleek Post Lockdown:

  1.  Curtain bangs: This timeless and beautiful hairdo is perfect for work or play. These bangs are usually parted in the middle, are shorter on the inside, and gradually get longer outside. They can also involve highlights that emphasize your eye colour.Gen Z hairstyles, Curtain bangs hairstyle
  2. Butterfly clips: This Mary-Kate and Ashley look made a glorious comeback in 2020. They are fun additions to spice up your hairstyles without making any permanent changes. Gen Z hairstyles, Butterfly clips haistyles
  3. Boho braids: This minimal effort hairstyle is something you will be obsessed with once you give it a try. If you like wearing your hair down or can’t be bothered with a complicated hair tutorial, weave a few random baby braids in your hair to give it a little sum-sum. Combine this with a messy beachy wave for an easy boho look. Gen Z hairstyles, Boho Braids hairstyles
  4. Statement headbands: Take inspiration from fashionista Blair Waldorf and jazz up any simple outfit with a statement headband. Whether you have long luscious hair or a short sleek bob, this accessory will surely fetch you some compliments. Gen Z hairstyles, Statement headband look
  5.  High-contrast highlights: Bold face-framing highlights on dark hair can make you stand out in the crowd. If you want to make a statement, high-contrast bright blonde highlights must be your pick. Gen Z hairstyles, High contrast hair highlights

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