5 Nail Trends That Are Going to Be Everywhere This Season

Autumn is just around the corner and a change in season presents an opportunity to get a fresh set of nail designs and colours. Nail art aficionados say that these 5 nail art looks will eclipse all others in popularity this season. From smoky line nail art reminiscent of our dizziest daydreams to chic metallic polish alternatives that make burgundies and emeralds feel obsolete. The manicure trends listed below will not disappoint!

  1. Multi-colour madness: Add a fun twist to your regular manicure by using 5 different colours for 5 different fingernails. This manicure will leave you feeling playful yet glamorous.Nail Multi Color Madness

  2. Smokey lines: Line design nail art will carry straight through summer into autumn, and even through winter. These nails go with all outfits and can make you feel dressed even when you are wearing a mask or athleisure.

  3. Tiny accents: Spice up your everyday manicure using stickers. Stickers are a quick and cost-efficient way to make your nail game go from a 3 to a 10!Nail Tiny Accents

  4. Heavy Metal: For a more grunge look try switching up your black polish with a metallic one. This will not only elevate your outfit but will also give it a more edgy, chic look.

  5. Warm Chestnut FTW: You can’t go wrong with this classic look. If you find yourself reaching for lattes in autumn, then you might notice the similarity between that frothy drink and this nail colour. It’s slightly warmer than that of our regular beige, but just a shade or two lighter than brown.

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