The Complete Guide To Build a Successful Salon

Being successful at any work is something everyone aspires. However, what constitutes success varies from one salon owner to another. Being in the same industry, there are some typical milestones that every salon owner wants to achieve and comes under the shades of success for them. Some owners seek to expand to multiple locations, financial independence others pursue celebrity clients and mentions in magazines. 

However you define success, it must be measurable and quantifiable. Your salon must have some key performance indexes (KPIs) like positive cash flow, profitability, client retention etc., as quantifiable signs of growth. Tracking these performance indexes can make any salon more successful.

This is what you will find in this article today:

Client Retention

Retaining existing customers instead of chasing new ones can increase your salon revenue by multiples. It is always cheaper and more effective to market your existing customers compared to the new ones. You can simply start by proving your existing customers with the facility to pre-book service or online appointments. Pre-booking increases the frequency of that customer booking the service multiple times. Therefore, it creates habits and thus promotes brand loyalty. Encourage your customers to use appointment booking platforms like Zylu, by providing them coupons for discounts on the next services. Reward your clients on the frequency of their visits and try to build a conversation with them. An ongoing conversation can increase the chances of their likability. Send them greetings and offers through messages to retarget them.

Focus On Retail Sales

Retailing is something many salons struggle with. Inventory turnover is a big challenge for salons. Usually, salons do not have a great sales and marketing strategy to sell the products to their customers.  Do not try to sell everything to every customer. You must talk to your customers and understand their needs and problems. Then you should come up with suggestions for the products that fit their beauty and grooming needs considering all their concern. This is more of a direct approach. You should also highlight products at your store with ambient lighting and create a shopping experience. Give free demos of products and let your customers try those products. It will increase your chances of conversions. If done well it can have a huge impact on the growth of your salon or spa business.

Team Based Incentives

Do not overcompensate your artists. Maintain a good balance for the percentage cut for each service per artist with considering all the overhead costs. As stylists grow their clientele they tend to charge larger commissions that result in cuts in profits. A team-based incentivisation works best here. Compensate their work based on the team performance and share bonuses. Provide them commissions on your retail sales. Therefore, it will prompt your artists to sell more.

Maintaining Social Media

As the beauty and wellness industry is a work of art and the service is quite intimate, it requires some trust. You can leverage social media to showcase all your services and build the community around your brand by providing them with more value. You can engage with your clients, promote your offers, share testimonials etc. If done properly it can be a huge growth lever in building a successful salon or spa. Having a great social media presence also helps in building brand and trust for new customers.

Exceptional Customer Service

Improved customer service creates loyalty and leads to client retention, the primary predictor of salon success. Implement a customer service system that begins with the first phone call from the client and then follows them home. Train salon staff on how to greet clients over the phone and in person. Conduct thorough consultations, especially for new clients. Consultations provide stylists with information to better serve the clients and offer clues as to which products to recommend. Follow up every visit with a phone call to ensure customer satisfaction. Address negative complaints immediately by inviting the customer back for an opportunity to make things right.


Increased revenue can be measured by average ticket sales. Salons increase average ticket sales by “upselling,” the practice of adding additional services or products to a salon ticket. If a customer approaches the reception desk with a shampoo and conditioner, the front desk staff recommends a styling product to increase the ticket. Customers who book a standard manicure might be asked if they would like a spa manicure, a more advanced treatment that costs 30 per cent more. Appointment slots are tied to time and space. Each has limitations. Upselling to every customer pushes revenue beyond those limitations.

Gift Vouchers

Gift certificates or gift cards are like interest-free loans. Salon customers pay you today for services they may or may not get tomorrow. They also introduce new customers to your salon via your best ambassadors, satisfied clients. Boost gift certificate sales by offering incentives to gift card purchasers. Attend local business networking functions to promote corporate gifting. Advertise gift card sales in your salon windows, at the front desk, on your website and on the salon menu. Instruct stylists and front desk personnel to promote gift certificates.

Social Media Marketing

Social media give salons opportunities to create ongoing conversations with customers and potential clients. Offer discounts on hard-to-sell products and services. Create a hash tag for your specials so that clients know where to find deals. Post before and after pictures of hairstyles on Facebook. Offer one free Monday morning makeover to customers who like you on Facebook. The buzz built through word of mouth will lead to more customers. 

As a beauty salon manager and business owner, you can choose one product for each challenge that you face. Or, instead, you can choose an all-in-one salon management software Zylu that has all the features you really need, in a neat mobile app.