How To Create A Salon Menu That Converts

The Salon menu is one of the key factors in the sustenance of a salon because it’s the only thing that your customers are going to interact with the most. A menu has several important elements that you need to take care of before designing one. It should have the correct pricing strategy, it should cover trending services, and more.  The services and prices you offer are going to be the backbone of your salon. A great put-up menu will help in easy conversions of your clients and will translate into more sales for your salon. Besides having a paperless menu you can also have a digital menu where you can showcase your services online and at the store where customers can directly check the menu through QR. A Digital menu comes with several benefits– you can make infinite changes anytime, you can create offers, showcase the menu on social media, get online bookings and more. Having a digital menu gives you an edge over others and it makes the experience of booking service more convenient and safe. In this blog, we have discussed the complete structure to create a menu for your salon.

This is what you will find in this article today:

The Blueprint Of a Perfect Converting a Salon Menu That Drives Sales

A perfect converting salon menu comes as a consequence of great market research. You should be completely aware of the market and trends and what your competition offers that’s working great. There are a few checkpoints to clear to be able to make a perfect salon menu:

Understand Your Clients

You must be well aware of the type of audience you will be targeting. Usually, salons are divided into a few segments: 

  • Segment A Salon: These are the most luxurious and expensive salons that offer a five-star experience.
  • Segment B Salon: These are the salons that are quite popular and offer luxury services with a decent luxurious ambience. They also cater to high net worth customers like segment A but fall just short of the overall experience and quality. 
  • Segment C Salon: These are the salons that have a high volume of customers and cater to an audience that looks for value for money services. These salons have a decent ambience with well-trained artists. 
  • Segment D Salon: These are the salons that we can find everywhere, on every street. These are the unorganised ones but it has the highest numbers of walk-in customers. The quality at these salons is unpredictable. Sometimes the artists are not professionals here.

You must know where your salon falls in and what type of audience fits perfect in your salon. Therefore, you need to be sure for whom you’re writing. Also consider the demographics of your salon, what’s the taste and preferences of people around your area. What most people that reside there do for a living- For example If it’s near an IT hub. Therefore, most of your potential audience would be the employees working there. So, it would need you to pay attention to the demographics. If you are a specific salon like a nail salon, then your menu should be written considering the main idea of your salon. And if it’s a Spa, then write accordingly.  It should convey the main idea easily to the clients. 

Easy Categorization

So, you are now done with your target audience. Now start categorising your services. You need to put your services into different categories neatly. It would help if you had a complete bifurcation of the service. Each service should have to be placed under its respective category. Think of shopping online. Let’s suppose you are looking for a mobile phone. Therefore, you go to the electronic section in the category area and then look for smartphones. Likewise, try to replicate this strategy for your salon. Make it super easy for them to look for the service. If you have a digital menu it makes it super easy for your customers to explore your service and book directly from it.

The Picture Perfect Description

A picture-perfect description of your service is extremely important for your customers when your clients are scheduling appointments online at your salon, they can’t ask you online what the service includes. So make sure that your descriptions stay simple and explain clearly the service. When the features and products used in the treatment are mentioned, customers are more likely to book an appointment. For example, if your salon or spa offers two types of wax at different prices, how would your clients know which one is better than the other?

How To Make A Picture Perfect Description

Great copywriting is extremely crucial for your salon menu. Since it has space limitations, clear and concise copy is important for sales. Always try to avoid using industry jargon. Some services would be new to your customers. Therefore, you should have a clear description describing clearly what the service is about. Use language and words your clients would understand. Just keep it simple and straight.

Your menu reflects the personality of your salon. Therefore hire a good graphic designer to design the menu keeping in mind the theme of your salon. The design of your menu also showcases the quality of your services. Also, don’t keep your menu rigid because it will require regular changes. That’s one of the biggest cons of a physical menu compared to a digital menu where you can make infinite changes.

Don’t use fancy fonts. Whether it’s a hard copy or a soft copy on your beauty parlour software font matters. You want your menu to be easily readable.

When getting copies of your menu printed, make sure you use high-quality paper and ink. A frail piece of paper lying on your front desk definitely won’t speak well of your salon standards. 

Things To Consider Before Creating a Salon Menu

Keep your prices realistic. Based on the orientation of your business, the cost structure, expenses, and your resources, you must set your prices. Do not try to cut your prices by looking at other salons. The customer should feel that the service was value for money for them.

The price of each service you set must cover the cost associated with it. Pricing your services too low may attract a large sales volume but will not improve your bottom line. On the other hand, if your prices are too high, your sales volume will be low and you will not be able to cover operating costs. This is something most salon struggles with. There is a method to increase your prices. If increasing your prices by 20% loses you only 5% of your customers then it’s a green flag to keep that pricing. 

Your clients are not always looking for the lowest price. Salon owners have this mindset that only when their services are priced low, they can attract clients. Remember, many clients are willing to pay premium prices if you’re offering quality services and friendly customer services at a convenient location. Hence, it is important to know the competitive advantage of your salon to meet your customer’s demands.

Eventually, if you are offering discounts to your clients, make sure you have a good discounting strategy. Instead of cutting down your prices, a good practice is to add value to your salon services. This way, you will be able to attract clients and maintain a steady bottom line.



When you create salon menu, approach it from a marketing perspective. Put yourself in the client’s shoes and think if you would choose those services if you were in their place. Instead of having a jargonistic description try to show them the benefits of that service. This is a deal breaker because they can expect what they will get from that service.

When you create a salon menu in the right way, it will not just boost sales but will also see a steady increase in the number of appointments on your online salon booking software. To create the best impression in your potential customer’s minds, automate all your salon processes with Zylu.

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