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Get Discovered!

Hyperlocal search connecting customers to nearby salon, spa, aesthetic dermatology, ayurveda centers and more

Zylu Business App

One-stop-shop with digital tools for everything you need to manage and grow your business.

Online Visibility

Zylu will be your digital window in the neighborhood to get new customers. Make your services visible to a greater number of people. You don’t have to do anything, we will take care of it!

Business Insights

Zylu’s detailed reports and analytics will provide you business insights to strengthen your decision-making process, by establishing effective strategies to increase your sales, engage with your customers, manage your schedules and foster your business growth.

Manage your beauty center with Zylu in which everything is included!

Appointment Scheduling

Thanks to Zylu’s digital appointment management system. Now your customers can book appointments 24/7 in just a few clicks!



No hassle communications. Automated notifications and reminders  will be sent for appointment confirmation and to avoid no shows

Multidevice Compatibility

Zylu customer and business apps are  available on phone, tablets, desktop for both andriod and iOS devices

Contactless Payment

Customers can make secure online payment. Automated receipts are generated from Zylu app.

Zylu safe salon

My Safe Sanitized Salon

Hand-picked local salons, spas, and wellness centers practicing sanitization standards to comply with COVID measures

Commission based pricing

  • Onetime setup fee: 5000 INR – Waived
  • Zero annual maintenance fee
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Flat 15% service fee + taxes on successful transactions
  • No other hidden charges