Hardships Of Salons And Spas In Bengaluru, 2022 [PDF]

Due to the uncertainty in the economy of the city, the beauty industry is struggling and striving to make a significant impact on society. There are several confounding factors which is affecting the smooth functioning of the beauty industry which you can read in detail in the given PDF below. The beauty industry has been largely hit by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. The city has found that the objective of profitability has not been fulfilled and it’s a long shot. Due to the pandemic, more than 60% of the salons have witnessed a shortfall of customers for more than a year now. Salons are hiring uncertified beauticians due to the unavailability of certified trainers around the city. They are struggling to get a grip over professional assistance. Several salons have shut down entirely because they could not hire new people and pay the old ones. 

A rise in at-home services is affecting small and medium scale salons contrarily. Most salons do not prefer at home service options because of definite issues like a lack of comfortable seating for both customers and the professionals, less equipment accessibility and many more. Salons professionals are also afraid of getting affected by providing at-home services. Some people may argue that salons are not doing enough marketing, and it’s true to some extent. Salons are still sticking to the traditional way of marketing salons and spas. About half of the salons are struggling at their social outreach. Small and medium scale salons have the minimum knowledge of the idea of digital marketing. Digital marketing requires a dedicated professional to be actively creating content and engaging with the audience. 

There are a lot of independent creators that are influencing people for DIY solutions to their beauty needs. During this Covid period, people started learning these skills at home by using online mediums. Due to the lockdowns, there has been a long disconnect between the salons and the users. That created a perception of these services as unessential. 

There are ample factors like rising competition, customer retention, demographics, inflation etc. We have discussed these factors in detail in the PDF below:

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