Customers Trouble With Bengaluru’s Beauty Industry, 2022 [PDF]

Bengaluru has been incredibly affected by the COVID-19 and, several business sectors faced chaos in the past couple of years. Its population is going through a hardship in finding offline salon services safe and comfortable. People are facing dilemmas regarding salons and beauty parlours in the city. Talking to our users we have figured out the troubles with the customers and the reason for the decreasing demand and confidence. The city has seen a great recession in the beauty industry as people started preferring at-home-service based aggregators for all the salon assistance.

Numerous offline stores had been halted in terms of operating due to a lack of funds and customers. The fear of pandemic has shifted the demand for the services. Customers actively look for trending hairstyles, but small salons are not able to cope with the demands because they cannot afford to train their employees on trending services. It gave a huge downfall to the earnings of salons which only provide a typical menu. 

The amount of cautiousness has increased among the citizens. They have been more cautious to walk into a salon during this pandemic. For some salons, it’s still not possible to get multiple services at a time or at a particular salon. For ex- If you need a hair spa, colouring, massage or maybe a Mehendi design. It’s hard for the customers to get all at one place or even they get somewhere, the quality may vary for the service. 

Customers saw a huge spike in the prices of the salons. Inflation is a real thing in the economy. But there has been an irregular and drastic increase in the service charges in Bengaluru, which is leading to poor customer-salon relationships. Many of the customers have said that salons have gone up to 50% increase in the prices. This forced small salons to stick to their original price to avoid losing footfalls. 

There have been more salons than ever. In the last two years, Bangalore has seen hundreds of openings. It led to overwhelming competition among well-performing salons. 

Customers prefer going to salons to get a professional touch and guidance. Although, some salons have reported that they have inexperienced professionals who operate on just a few months of knowledge. That leads to the depredation of the quality of services. 

We have analysed the challenges faced by the customers across Bangalore and documented that in a PDF. Download your free PDF from below:

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