10 Bridal Hairstyles To Ace Your Look! 

At a wedding, the bride gets the most amount of attention and so does her hairstyle. While you are busy doing gazillion things for your big day, we are here to make your hair complement your effortless and chic wedding dress. Designing your hair might seem like an easy task but with the millions of options available, finding your piece of cake might be humdrum. So, here we are with the best of the best hairstyles for you, your bridesmaid and your loved ones.  

  1. Captivating curls with traditional flowers 

The brides who want to keep their hair open and give a bubby yet sophisticated vibe, this one is for you. 

10 best Bridal Hairstyles ideas- Curls with flowers
  1. Simple yet traditional Gajra bun 

Tying your hair knot with ‘Gajra Mohabbat Wala’ while tying the knot with the love of your life, what else would you want?  

10 best Bridal Hairstyles ideas- Gajra bun
  1.  Hair beautifully knotted with flowers 

Elegance plus beauty plus sophistication plus trending equals this hairstyle! An epitome of beauty for all the lovelies who love lilies. 

10 best Bridal Hairstyles ideas- Hair beautifully knotted with flowers
  1. Picturesque eye-catching braid 

If you ever believed in the power of the beauty of roses, this hairstyle perfectly suits you. Hair beautifully braided and complemented with red roses, white tiara flowers and hair accessories to add to the beauty!  

10 best Bridal Hairstyles ideas- Braids
  1. Simple tight bun 

The hairstyle that can never go out of trend is the tight bun. The chic and mesmerizing effect it creates on the entire look is worthwhile.  

10 best Bridal Hairstyles ideas- simple tight bun
  1. When a tiara comes to play! 

Beautifully capturing the eyes of the public, this hairstyle can slay any attire. Be it Christian or South Indian or Gujrati or Bengali this hairstyle is an all-time winner. 

10 best Bridal Hairstyles ideas- Hairstyle with Tiara
  1. Flowers to the rescue! 

Softs curls highlighted by flowers and two pleats just makes the idea of the wedding so beautiful. If you are going for this hairstyle, then be ready to make your partner fall in love with you all over again. 

10 best Bridal Hairstyles ideas- Soft curls
  1. Open Hair are always the heart stealer! 

Complementing the heavy jewellery and bridal dress with a simple open hairstyle half parted in the front, makes the attire look even more distinguished and graceful. Do not forget that the hairstyle doesn’t need to be heavy to look beautiful. And if you are someone who follows trends then, sophistication is always in trend! 

10 best Bridal Hairstyles ideas- Open hair
  1. Messy bun accompanied by small white flowers 

Messy bun made at the top while taking some hair from the front and the back to give you the look of a hot mess; you are all set to go down the aisle. 

10 best Bridal Hairstyles ideas- Messy bun
  1. Side bun 

Last but not the least, to keep with the trend, this is a beautiful hairstyle made the side to flaunt to your blouse from the back.  

10 best Bridal Hairstyles ideas- Side bun

A hairstyle is surely an integral part of the outfit for your big day. But it is also a part of who you are. This is your hairstyle; your dress and it ultimately should be your choice. No matter what others think, it is important that YOU do what makes you feel more like YOU. Be it your hairstyle or the ambience of your wedding, nothing should be your priority more than yourself and your partner.  

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