Benefits Of Digital Menu With QR For Salons


Digital catalogues are a great low-touch alternative since customers only have to touch their own devices. QR code for salons also encourages proper social distancing by preventing guests from sharing the same printed catalogue. 

Digital catalogues can be easily accessible by just scanning a QR standee placed in the reception.  

The QR code for salon catalogues leverages something almost everyone has — a mobile device — to display menus, price lists and product and service lists in a safer and greener way. 

All of this makes it easier for you to focus on what matters — running your salon in challenging times while keeping your employees and guests safe and healthy. 

A Digital catalogue has several use cases for a salon. We will be discussing the following benefits in this article today. 

Why do you need a QR code for your salon?

Boost Up Revenue

Customers spend more when they order digitally. When your customers can select services with a click of a button, the services become more accessible. When an upsell is attempted face-to-face, it can be an awkward experience for both staff and customers. 

Ordering from a digital menu, customers don’t feel pressured to decide quickly and are more at ease adding additional menu items. They feel comfortable and can select what they are actually looking for. It reduces the effort and the app prompts users to add additional services. Therefore, driving more sales for your salon.

Reduce Perceived Wait Time

When it’s a peak hour or day, it gets hard for a salon to manage people and clients waiting for their turn. The increased wait time has a direct effect on perceived satisfaction. 

Creating the habit of booking appointments online ahead of time will help you to increase your customer satisfaction. Till the time your client waits they can explore your menu and services just by scanning the QR code of your salon. It would increase the chances of upselling more services.

Engaging For Customers

The digital catalogue with QR makes your salon menu easy to explore and engage your clients. Zylu Digital Menu comes with a QR standee where customers can scan the QR for your salon to look up the menu.

It also has a style guide, where customers can look up to the guide to get inspiration for the style that is best suited for them. It engages your client to pick and choose the style by themselves. Hence, helps in removing the communication barrier that sometimes creates a bad experience.

Realtime Easy Updates

A key benefit of digital menus is that you can change them whenever you want, from wherever you want, and the changes are made instantly. You can update your menu based on the seasonal offers you will provide without thinking about printing new menus. 

The ability to update the menu instantly will also simplify the daily running of your salon. 

Zero-Contact Menu (Covid-Safe)

You will be able to provide a contact-free salon visit that is safe from virus transmission to your clients. The safe environment and measures prompt users to stay with your salon for their future services. 

Cut Cost Of Printing Menus

The menu for any salon changes very often. Sometimes it might be in their offers, sometimes in the pricing of the services, etc.

Printing a physical menu might cost the salon owner a lot now and then. It does require time and effort to do so. Therefore, a digital menu with a QR for your salon makes it a lot easier, you just need to make a few clicks to update the menu.

Better Customer Experience

A digital menu with QR for salons gives an overall better service experience to the customer. A digital menu is designed in an attractive way that engages customers and unlocks the opportunity to upsell. 

You can showcase your best sellers, your special offers, occasion-wise deals, and many more. This provides the customers with a wide array of choices and a customer-friendly atmosphere.

Exclusive Coupons And Discounts

You can create digital coupons on Zylu Digital Menu where customers can place an order for a service with your exclusive coupon code. Your customer will have to scan the QR placed at your reception to be able to access the digital menu or else they can do it through the Zylu app. You can also give discounts on a particular service or a category to increase sales.

Get Bookings From Your Social Media Profiles

Why lose any customer that visits your social media profile but returns due to a lack of information? Showcase your menu through all the digital media channels so that they check out your services and prices and can book an appointment directly from there. 

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How To Get a Digital Menu With QR For Your Salon?

Zylu offers a complete solution to take your salon digital. You can take control of work, increase revenue, and enhance your brand experience with a single, easy-to-use platform. Submit your query and the team will contact you at our earliest.

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