7 Mental Health Tips That Will Pave your Way to Wellness

Treat yourself kindly, and watch how these simple tips help you feel better.

1. If you do not like meditating but are looking for that effect, try knot tying.
It is an active way to focus your mind when sitting with your eyes closed is not your thing. It is satisfying, it gives you something to put all of your attention on, and it allows you to notice your extraneous thoughts when and if they do arise.

2. Try an easy-to-follow guided breathing video.
Breathing is so powerful. It is one thing that we do have control over, even though anxiety can make it feel like we do not. Harnessing your breath through a guided breathing video is a great way to take a beat when you are stressed or calm yourself down in a moment of anxiety.

3. Tap into your bad-day plan.
When you are in the throes of a bad day, it can be hard to take a step back and think clearly. A bad-day plan can help you navigate what you are feeling—even if that means soaking up your bad day, but doing so in a way that is a bit more safe, comfortable and hopefully leads to a better next day.

4. Take a bath.
It will not fix every problem, but it can help a bit. Rest is necessary, and if it is hard for you to get yourself to slow down, a more calming, sedentary activity like a bath is an excellent self-care experience to pencil in your calendar.

5. Turn off your social media notifications.
It is an excellent tip for anyone looking to make their relationship with social media healthier and more positive. It is natural to find validation in comments, likes, and replies—but those should not be the only metrics we use to feel good. Turning off those notifications can help you interact with your apps more mindfully—checking them when you feel like it and not because you are hungry for judgment from others.
6. Make a list of all the uncertain times you have already gotten through.
If you are reading this, you have survived 100 per cent of your bad days. Surviving is not always easy—usually, it is not—but reminding ourselves of this can encourage further resilience. Plus, if you have gotten through that, who is to say will not get through this too?

7. Create one thing you can control and do that thing.
Doing something you have control over can be helpful when uncertainty is firing up your anxiety. But sometimes, that is not enough—to create something you can control, like a particular project or activity that exists for the sole purpose of helping you focus on what you have the power to do. A new home project counts, as does knitting a new blanket, making a daily commitment to doing your hair, separating beads by colour, etc.