Scalp Massages That Promote Healthy Hair

Many of us scour the net for remedies to hair problems, but could scalp massages for strengthening hair be the solution to our problems? If you have ever experienced a scalp massage, you will know it does a great job of releasing tension and feels sublime. But is there any truth in the idea that scalp massages promote healthy hair? 

Hair thinning is a ubiquitous problem, with more than 40% of women experiencing hair loss or slowing growth. It is due to several factors such as medical treatment, stress, pregnancy or just plain old genetics. 

Every hair starts in the hair follicle, where the bulb of the hair sits, and a good blood supply is essential for healthy hair growth. A scalp massage using the correct technique can help hair growth by stimulating and improving the blood circulation within the hair follicles.  

The list below shows you how each essential oil can help improve the health of your hair.  

For Strengthening Hair: –¬†



Clients who suffer from hair loss will love using rosemary essential oil. It is known to support hair growth and increase thickness. It can promote hair growth in the areas where applied. 

Usage; Add a few drops of Rosemary to a carrier oil (such as olive oil or coconut) and massage it directly into the scalp or skin in the areas required. Repeat twice weekly for best results. 

For Dandruff Prone Hair: –¬†



This essential oil is an anti-dandruff hero, a common ailment for many of us. It is most effective when used daily.

Usage; Add a few drops to your shampoo or conditioner bottle and massage into your scalp in the shower. Just remember to massage well and rinse it out. 



This oil is known to help promote hair growth and reduce hair loss by balancing the oil-producing glands in the scalp. It also has natural antifungal and antibacterial properties that can help treat different conditions that contribute to dandruff or hair loss. 

Usage; mix a few drops with a carrier oil of choice, then massage it onto the scalp and leave for 10 minutes before washing it out. 

For Weak or Brittle Hair with Split ends: –¬†

Bergamot & Clary Sage 

Bergamot & Clary Sage 

Both of these essential oils contain the natural compound Linalyl Acetate, which is known to strengthen your hair, in addition to increasing hair growth and making hair tough to break. 

Usage; Mix 3 drops of either oil into your daily conditioner (or with 1 tablespoon of carrier oil if you prefer) and allow it to work its magic when applied. If you are using it daily, leave the conditioner (or oil treatment) on for 2 minutes, or if you are doing it twice per week, leave it for 10 minutes as a self-care treatment. 

For Dry Scalp: –¬†



Almond oil has properties that soothe, moisturizes and nourishes the scalp. It also stimulates the roots, improves hair growth, and increases circulation in the scalp. 

Usage: Add a few drops to a carrier oil (like coconut oil) and apply it directly to your scalp Рleave for at least 10 minutes before washing it out and shampooing as you normally would. 

The best way to apply essential oils and massage your scalp 

  1. Use your fingertips: Boost blood circulation to the follicles by gently massaging and moving your scalp with your finger pads or, for a more in-depth massage, use a brush to help increase hair health and shine. 
  2. Use a brush: Use a brush to prevent hair damage. A flexible hairbrush works wonders. Place the hairbrush such that it sits flat on the scalp at the base of your skull. Then start to scrape in an upwards motion towards the crown of your head. 
  3. A gentle press: pressing your scalp brush into the hair produces an acupuncture-like effect. Move the hairbrush through the hair, pausing at intervals to press gently into the scalp. 
  4. Make small circles: Regardless of using your fingers or a brush, gently move around the head using small circular motions to release tension and manipulate the skin. The goal is to bring blood to the area, and small circles will focus your energies. 

The best tools to massage your scalp 

  1. Hairstory Scalp Brush Hairstory Scalp Brush 
  2. Anyell Electric Head, Scalp and Neck Massager Hairstory Scalp Brush 
  3. Manta Brush in White Manta Brush in White 

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