Mesotherapy; Pathway to Hair Loss Prevention

If you’re someone who has ever encountered hair fall or extreme hair loss, at some point, someone has probably recommended mesotherapy. 


What is mesotherapy for hair? 

Mesotherapy for hair is a treatment method wherein you inject vitamins, minerals, and amino acid cocktails necessary for hair growth into the scalp. Mesotherapy nourishes the hair follicles to settle in the hair effortlessly, thus thickening thin hair, stopping hair loss, and strengthening the hair. Mesotherapy is a technique where you give tiny drops of injections all over the scalp. There’s a lot of different cocktails of injections available. 

How does mesotherapy work for hair? 

If you’re someone who’s terrified of needles, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that the treatment injects the cocktail into your scalp, but the good news is that it’s not very painful for the most part! Mesotherapy for hair controls the micro-inflammation around the hair follicles, which is responsible for hair fall. By controlling the micro-inflammation, it manages to stop hair loss. You can see results over time because, along with other vitamins and sometimes medically prescribed treatments for hair fall, the procedure slows down hair fall and prevents hair loss. 

Who can benefit from mesotherapy for hair? 

Anyone who’s experiencing hair fall! Anyone who’s experiencing mild to severe hair loss can benefit from mesotherapy. 

But for those who are going bald or those who have a genetic pattern for hair loss, it’s probably not fruitful for them. 

Advantages of mesotherapy 

  • It’s Effective: Mesotherapy is effective for hair fall. If you combine it with Platelet-Rich Plasma, the efficacy and effectiveness are far superior. 
  • It’s safe and painless: Compared to more invasive, surgical treatments, mesotherapy is a safer alternative when it comes to tackling hair loss. Plus, it generally leaves no damage to the surrounding tissue and does the job. 
  • It enhances scalp immunity: Apart from reviving hair follicles, mesotherapy manages to rejuvenate your scalp that will ensure your hair grows longer, shinier, and thicker. 

Precautions before or after the procedure 

While there isn’t very high maintenance post-procedure care required after undergoing mesotherapy for hair, there are a few things to keep in mind once you’ve gotten the treatment. First of all, you need to avoid sun exposure after mesotherapy since contact with the sun can cause allergic reactions. After the procedure, don’t wash your hair on the same day. And don’t apply any hair colour before the treatment or after too.