Do’s and Don’ts For a Summer Wedding

Most brides get confused when it comes to planning their summer weddings. Browse through our blogs for ideas and inspirations that will help you choose everything right from the theme for your wedding to the colour of your lehenga and the hairstyle that will be the best for the season. 

In view of this, you may consider the following do and don’ts for summer weddings to make it easier on the guests and the bride and groom. 

  1. Send your invitations well in advance 

Sending invitations on time is a must. With a busy schedule people have, it is important to let them know your plans in advance. While with the ongoing trends, there are many invitations that are coming up everyday that might be attractive and price friendly.  

  1. Provide heat relief 

Serve a nice and pleasant welcome drink to your visitors. You may serve additional drinks throughout the event to keep your visitors hydrated and calm. Make milkshakes and fresh fruit juices part of your menu. Ice candies could be included if it fits your concept and budget. This is something that kids would like, and it also helps to beat the heat. Also, choose your wedding venue such that your guests will be able to escape the heat. Ensure that the guests have access to enough of drinking water at all times. 

  1. Consider the time for your wedding 

If at all possible, schedule your wedding for early morning or late evening. Avoid the middle of the day and early afternoons because it will be too hot for you and your visitors. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, make sure there’s enough shade and think about adding fans and air-conditioned tents. You could even bring fashionable umbrellas as an afterthought, which would look great in wedding photos. Consider how much diversity and colour it would provide to your wedding album. 

  1. Consider summer friendly attire 

Most Indian traditions want the bride to wear thick brocades, jewellery, an elaborate hairstyle, and flowers. All of this is incorporated into the bride’s dress, giving her a stunning and spectacular appearance. During the heat, though, it can become a little unpleasant. It’s critical that you feel at ease during your wedding ceremony. As a result, think about wearing a lighter fabric for your wedding gown. It will maintain your energy levels from plummeting as a result of the heat. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy every moment of your wedding. You may also advise a mild dress code for your guests, based on their comfort. 

  1. Sport a summer friendly hair-do 

Along with the fabric and jewellery, your bridal hairstyle is also vital to consider. If you want to keep cool, go for an exquisite style with your hair in a bun or knot. Long flowing hair is also stylish, but only try it if you think you can pull it off in the summer heat. You could also highlight your hair. It looks fantastic in photos. The scorching heat of summer can do a lot of damage to your hair. As a result, it’s critical to start taking care of your hair ahead of time so that it looks shining, smooth, and silky on your wedding day. You don’t want frizzy hair in your wedding pictures. 

We understand that arranging a wedding can take a long time. It’s easy to miss minor details that are important. As a result, whenever you’re planning a summer wedding, you can use some of the ideas on this page to create a refreshing and unforgettable event. 


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