This Blush Technique Will Lift and Shape Your Face

Blush traditionally was concentrated on the apples of our cheeks which is unflattering for some, and only recently have we considered what it might be doing for our face contour. Instead, why not use the blush the same way we use darker powder shades to contour and add definition to the face? Here is how to use blush to shape your face and even lift the natural contours and position of the face. 

Blush Face Lift

When done correctly, it can give the illusion of cheekbones that are higher up on the face. It is the placement of the blush itself that can help do so. This method is not exactly new but has been used by makeup artists for a while now, has gone viral all over social media. It’s simple, but we can’t believe it. Have we been applying blush wrong this entire time? The facelift trick is honest to god gamechanger and has revolutionized the way we wear blush for good. We’re obsessed. 

How to apply blush to lift and shape the face 

No blush on the apples of your cheek: Applying blush to the apple, which is the roundest part of our face, doesn’t go well with most people’s face shape. Dragging your features down and creates the illusion of a saggier face. 

Apply blush on the cheekbones: Placing it onto the cheekbones helps with the definition of your face in general. 

C-shape technique: Apply blush the way you apply highlighter. This means brushing from the edge of the eyebrow to the top of the cheekbones. Start at the temples and drag the blush lightly across the high points of your cheekbones until you reach the middle of the cheek. 

Use blush and contour in the same place: Using blush in areas that are not just our natural contours of the face, but where we apply our bronzer and contour products. Blush contouring makes a lot of sense when you think about it.