Things to Keep In Mind Before Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue

Marriage is frequently regarded as one of the most memorable events in a couple’s life. The celebrations, rituals, and time spent with loved ones make it a genuinely one-of-a-kind experience. The difficulty is to find the ideal location for your wedding ceremony. When deciding which Indian wedding location is ideal for you, keep the following five criteria in mind.


The most important criteria when finalizing a venue for a wedding is capacity. Once the total number of guests are decided, a venue could be decided accordingly. Having a lot of people in a small place. Isn’t this a nightmare? to avoid this one, choose a place with the perfect capacity of members to keep away from any such kind of havoc.


In any community, there are good, affordable sites to host huge parties. After you’ve figured out all of the other variables, see what’s accessible in your area. Collecting this information allows you to not only choose the most cost-effective alternative, but also to create a “bidding war” among venues vying for your business.


One of the most important criteria while choosing a venue is location. Select a place that is convenient to reach, has no obstacles in between and inform people atleast a month prior. If you are planning on throwing a destination wedding, it is your responsibility to make all the arrangements and make it convenient for all your guests.


Food is one of the most crucial factors in a wedding. Variety attracts people. Try to decide the menu that is liked by most of the people. Avoid keeping dishes that are specific in taste and if you are, then take the quantity in consideration. Another important thing is, tasting before selections. Keep your options open to different dishes and many caterers.


All of the other wedding day aspects (colour, style, decor, etc.) should fall into place once you’ve located the perfect venue. The venue you choose will have a significant impact on your decor. A temple wedding, a beach wedding with a panoramic view of the ocean, or a hotel ballroom all require different decor, and there may be rules and regulations that limit what and how can be used. After you’ve decided on a venue type, look through wedding magazines and websites for inspiration on how to personalise the area.

Indoor locations

Any decor may enhance – or completely modify – the appearance of your venue, whether it’s a temple, church, banquet hall, or private residence. The cost of decorating an indoor location is usually lower.

Outdoor locations

To be honest, decorating an outside location is more expensive. However, if you choose the proper type of design, there is nothing more appealing than attending a wedding in an open setting.


Light has the power to make or shatter a mood and a location. If you’re getting married during the day, make sure your venue has plenty of windows and lets in plenty of natural light. If the event is in the evening, make sure the lighting isn’t too dim or that it can be changed for the grand entrance, dinner, and dancing. Will there be enough illumination given by the site if you married outside, say at dusk?

Finding the ideal Indian wedding venue does not have to be a significant hassle. By just understanding what you require, you will be able to swiftly discover which amenities are unavailable well in advance. Take your time and think over each wedding site carefully; the right one is frequently the last one you think of!