Meet the Visionaries Behind Zylu

At Zylu, we're more than just a beauty and wellness management software – we're your dedicated partners on a journey to redefine success in the industry. Explore our story, meet our founders, and understand the passion that drives us to revolutionize how beauty and wellness businesses operate.

Meet the Co-founder and CEO

Kumar Subramani​

19+ years of coding magic later, Kumar’s built software empires from scratch. He led a $25M IT team at Communications Test Design, Inc., keeping things running smoothly across 50+ countries.

But Kumar’s passion goes beyond lines of code. He’s obsessed with using tech to make wellness shine. That’s why he founded Zylu, where digital tools become the secret sauce for efficiency and success in the beauty world.

Before Zylu, he co-founded Valuvox and Orient Labs, proving his knack for turning ideas into reality.

Now, with Zylu, Kumar’s ready to paint a future where tech and beauty sparkle together. Get ready to be amazed!

Meet the Co-Founder & CBO

Pavithra Soundarrajan

Pavithra brings over 16 years of experience transforming learning and development (L&D) across diverse industries, including Finance, Pharma, and Consumer. She’s a solutions-oriented leader with a passion for designing, delivering, and evaluating impactful training programs.

Pavithra’s expertise lies in needs analysis, leadership training, and cGMP compliance. She’s known for her ability to deliver cost-effective solutions that drive engagement and knowledge retention.

By combining her deep industry knowledge with innovative training methods, Pavithra empowers individuals and organizations to reach their full potential

How Zylu Started?

In 2016, during a visit from Philadelphia to Bangalore, I noticed a stark contrast in salon business—some struggling, others bustling. Waiting times varied widely, prompting me to seek less crowded alternatives nearby. Fast forward to 2021, the impact of Covid-19 on small businesses intrigued me. Conversations with my nephew revealed a lack of consistency in salon processes. This led to the idea of creating a uniform system to support salons and enhance their thriving potential.

For Customers

  • Customers had trust issues with hygiene
  • No appointment system
  • No hospitality in the hospitality industry
  • No feedback system to improve and retain the customers
  • No program to incentivize the customers and staff to retain the customers where loyal customers are common
  • No record keeping of customers where they ask the specific stylist for the specific style. How is this even allowed?
  • When the stylist leaves the establishment, there’s no motivation for the customer to return
  • No transparency in the pricing

For Business Owners

  • Unpredictable revenue
  • Low value and churning customers are common
  • Staff are not trained to be hospitable, rather transactional
  • Churning employees
  • Stressed out staff when no stylist preferences are retained
  • No visibility of the business to the business owners
  • No set process for the business and customers

Fueled by the unpredictability of the second Covid-19 wave, I embarked on a mission to bring stability to the beauty industry. My journey began with visiting over 300 salons, immersing myself in their struggles and dreams.

At Zylu, our principles guide every aspect of our platform, focusing on what matters most to you.

Customer-Centric Approach

Operational Streamlining


All-in-One Management

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