Digital Menu

Are you still printing your salon offers and menu?  Create a Covid-safe environment by having a digital QR at your salon.


Why Digital Menu

Infinite Changes

Change your menu whenever you want


Provide your customers Covid free environment with no contact menu

Save Printing Cost

Save the cost of re-printing your menu regularly

Boost Revenue

Boost up your revenues by upselling

Seamless Experience

Customers can scan the QR from our QR standee placed at your store or from google my business or any other social media platform and can and book any service from your digital menu.

Wait time

Customers can book appointments online. Therefore reducing wait time.

Exclusive Coupons

You can create digital coupons on Zylu Digital Menu where customers can place an order for a service with your exclusive coupon code

Get Bookings

Showcase your menu through all the digital media channels and get customers

Here's A Quick Comparison


Get Yours Now!

Unlock the opportunity and bestow your customers the experience they deserve.


Digital catalogues are a great low touch alternative since customers only have to touch their own devices. It reduce the time and effort to book a service. You can also create multiple offers and promotions to increase the sales. Build online reputation and attract customers from our Zylu app.

QR Digital menu is complementary with every paid plan. Currently, we offer only in India.

It costs nothing. It comes free as a complimentary with paid plans.

You will get 5 standees in total. 

The size of the cash register standee is 8×6 inches and the style seat standees are  6×4 inches. 

Zylu digital menu allows you to create coupons, discounts, promotions for your salon anytime.

In case you need more QR standees for your salon you can reach out to our support team [email protected]

No, the menu opens up on the browser. No app needed to view the menu.