Most Effective WhatsApp Marketing Templates for Salon & Spa

There has been a new race going on in the beauty & wellness industry to market their salon digitally. Salons can get a lot of customers from WhatsApp marketing alone if done right. WhatsApp message gives you the power to connect with your customers personally. 

Nowadays, everyone in the business starts relying on social media marketing to get customers. From sharing offers to announcements, they are pretty active. Salons have been spending a lot of money on digital marketing to grow followers which certainly works for a few of them. And if you pay for digital ads then you must calculate your cost of acquiring one customer digitally more than other marketing strategies. 

Regardless of the endless benefits of digital marketing, WhatsApp Marketing is cheap and effective and indeed brings more clients to your salon. 

The only way to differentiate your salon or spa business from others is by having a more personalised approach. Writing a personalised text could be a cumbersome and time-consuming task for salon owners.

That’s why you need message templates to help to speed up the process and cut down on manual work. Furthermore, you don’t have to put your brain into writing every WhatsApp message you send to your customers.

In this article, you will find multiple salons’ WhatsApp marketing message templates divided into categories to help you easily navigate through them. 

The categories are as follows:

WhatsApp Message Template for Customer Acquisition for Salons

WhatsApp Message Template for Retaining Customers at Salons

WhatsApp Message Template for Convenience

WhatsApp Message Template For Customer Acquisition For Salon

These are the messages that are being sent for the purpose to acquire new customers or existing customers to increase revenue. Some examples are:

Referral WhatsApp Message Template


Example 1:

Hi [First_Name],  Use your referral code and we’ll give you [%DISCOUNT] off on your next service. 

Thank you!

Example 2:

Hi [First_Name], Bring your friend and get [%DISCOUNT] off on your next service. 

Thank you!

Example 3:

Hi [First_Name], Bring your friend and get [Complementary Service] free on your next booking. 

Thank you!

Example 4:

Hi [First_Name], do you enjoy our service? Why not invite your friends? For every friend you refer, you’ll get [offer]. But that’s not all your friend also gets [offer].

Thank you!

Example 5:

Hi [First_Name],
thank you for using our [Product/Service]. We hope your experience was amazing and one that is worth sharing with your friends, family, and colleagues. You can invite your friends to try our service by using the referral code. We offer [offer] for every referred customer.

Thank you!

Example 6:

Hi [First_Name], your friend deserves great service too! On your next appointment, bring your friend along and both of you get [offer] on any service of your choice.

Thank you!

Example 7:

Hey there! Share the love with your friends and get some from us! [Offer] off for your friend for their first visit with us and you get [Offer] off on your next visit.

Thank you!

This WhatsApp message prompts your customer to take your service again and the conditions oblige them to bring a new customer if they want the discount. It’s a great way to acquire new customers without spending much. This way of building is the most effective because you are indirectly creating a word-of-mouth effect for your salon.

Promotion WhatsApp Message Template


Hi [First_Name], we are availing this [Offer] exclusively to our loyal customers. Make an appointment and claim your reward. Hope to see you soon!

Thank you!

This WhatsApp promotion message helps you to get more bookings by creating a sense of importance in your customer’s minds. Personalisation and exclusivity increase the chances of bookings by your customers. 

Special Occasions WhatsApp Message Template

Birthdays Message Template


Happy Birthday [First_Name]! In honour to make your special day more special. we, [Salon Name] would like to give you a present. Make an appointment today and get [Offer] valid by [Date].

Thank you!

Note: Giving presents to your customers on their birthdays makes it more special and prompting for them than an offer. This will make them more loyal to your brand and you will always emerge to them as their first priority.

Wedding Anniversary Message Template


Happy Wedding Anniversary [First_Name], Here’s to another year of being great together, we are giving you [Offer] to celebrate your anniversary with the best looks. Make an appointment today to avail the offer. Offer valid by [Date].

Thank you!

Diwali Message Template For Salon or Spa


Hi [First_Name], may this Diwali bring you prosperity and good health. We are celebrating by giving [Discount/offer] valid by [Date]. We would love to celebrate with you.

Thank you!

Christmas Message Template For Salon or Spa


Hi [First_Name], may the Christmas season bring only happiness and joy to you and your family. Santa left a present for you. Collect it on your next appointment.

Thank you!

New Year Message Template For Salon or Spa


Hi [First_Name], Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year. This New Year should start with a new look. Experience your new look by getting  [%Discount] on any service.

Thank you!

WhatsApp Message for Retaining Customers at Salons

These are the messages that are being sent to retain your losing customers or existing ones to increase your sales. Retaining existing customers will boost your salon’s profitability.

Contact Inactive Clients


Hi [First_Name], It’s been a while since your last visit. We are giving [%Discount] on your next visit valid by [Date]. Book your appointment now and enjoy your offer. 

Thank you!
[Business Name]

WhatsApp Message for Customer's Convenience

These are the messages that are being sent for the convenience of your customer. It includes making important information and announcements easily accessible to your customers.

Rebook Reminder WhatsApp Message


Hi [First_Name], long time no see! We are giving you a [%Discount] on [Last Service Booked] valid by [Date]. Book your appointment now.

Thank you!
[Business Name]

Announcement Message Template


Hi [First_Name], our [Salon/spa/business] will be closed from [Date] to [Date] for [Reason]. Thanks for understanding and we will see you soon. 

Thank You!
[Business Name] 


Using WhatsApp message marketing for your salon or spa business should be a no-brainer. Fortunately, choosing your SMS platform too.

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