Is having facial hair for a woman normal?

Men and women both have facial hair and it is very common. Androgens (male hormone) when produced more cause the growth of excessive facial hair. It is a part of the natural body’s process and no one’s fault. In most cases, it causes no harm. Find out the reasons for excessive growth below.

Reasons why you have excessive facial hair :

  1. PCOS: Polycystic ovary syndrome is a hormonal disease seen more than usual in women these days. It creates an imbalance of sex hormones in the female body. Which leads to excessive hair growth.
  2. Hirsutism:  Hirsutism causes hair growth in a male pattern in parts of the body like the face, chest, back, and stomach. This is seen in 5%-10% of women.
  3. Genetics or Hereditary: Your ancestors might have passed on their genes responsible for healthy hair growth to you resulting which grows facial hair too. Hold on, don’t hate your ancestors right away for it. On the bright side, they also give you thick and healthy hair on your head.
  4. Skin lightening cream: Few of the skin lightening creams you use on a daily basis that contain steroids might also lead to excessive facial hair growth. If you have excess facial hair, it is good to look for skin lightening cream without steroids
  5. Cushing syndrome: The production or availability of too much cortisol in your body leads to this syndrome. This syndrome in women also leads to excessive facial hair growth.
  6. Menopause: At the time of Menopause there is an imbalance in the estrogen and androgen levels which results in facial hair growth.

It is always wise to get a doctor’s consultation before assumption.

Various hair removal treatments :

  1. Waxing: Waxing is a temporary way of hair removal. It pulls out your hair from the root and eventually reduces growth little by little. It is effective and most widely preferred by women with thick hair growth. It also reduces tan, removes dirt and blackheads. It takes a while for your hair to grow back.
  2. Threading: Threading is another temporary treatment that cuts your hair and does not pull the hair from the root. It might grow back sooner than waxing. It is highly preferred by women with little and thin hair growth.
  3. Shaving: A razor or an electric shaver cuts hair at the skin’s surface. It is most widely used and temporary. Hair might grow back sooner shaving. Shaving has to be performed with care.
  4. Epilating: Epilator is an electronic device that removes your hair temporarily. It removes hair from the root and even allows you to remove tiny hair.
  5. Laser hair removal: Laser Hair removal is a permanent solution for hair removal and is usually done in a few settings. This treatment targets hair from the root. Few see regrowth of hair after a while.

Model and activist HARNAAM KAUR holds a Guinness record for the youngest woman to grow a full beard. You choose to remove or not remove it’s your choice, you do you.  Choose what makes you happy. Wear confidence on your sleeve! You go girl !!!

Harnaam Kaur on Cosmopolitan
Harnaam Kaur on Cosmopolitan