How To Make Your Manicure Last Longer

There’s no denying that getting your nails done can be a relaxing, spa-like experience that makes you feel perfectly pampered. But when you find that your polish has already started chipping within days or even hours of giving yourself a manicure or leaving the nail salon, it’s frustrating. If you’ve ever had this experience, you’re probably wondering how to make your nail polish last longer. We’ve got some good news: There are some steps you can take to get the long-lasting nails of your dreams! 

Long lasting manicure 

1: Cut and file nails properly 

It’s essential to cut and file your nails to ensure that the edges aren’t jagged or uneven. Keeping them short can also be effective in helping your nail polish last longer. The longer your nails are, the more susceptible they are to breakage during your day-to-day activities, especially if you’re someone who does a lot of work around your home, like doing laundry or washing dishes. 

2: Cleanse nails and remove oil. 

In addition to buffing and filing your nails, it’s necessary to clean up your cuticles and cleanse your nail bed thoroughly. So that there is no oil residue on your nails. If there are oils or cuticle growth on the nail plate, it will interfere with the adhesion, and your polish won’t stick on the nail as well. 

3: Dry nails thoroughly before applying polish 

Clean your hands with soap and water and dry them thoroughly before you start painting on the polish. Nails shrink and expand in water. Nail polish doesn’t stretch with your nails, so when your nails contract after they’ve dried with nail polish already on top, you may see that crackle, which leads to chipping. 

4: Prepare your cuticles 

Orange sticks are great for pushing down your cuticles. Painting a thin layer of liquid latex for nails around your nail beds makes it easy to get a clean, salon-fresh line. Paint over it as much as you need, and peel off for a perfect manicure! 

5: Use the three-step system 

Many nail polishes come in a set of three products—the base, nail polish, and topcoat. Use the entire system to achieve the desired results. Skipping steps may shorten the life of your manicure. 

6: Apply several thin coats of polish 

To prevent polish from wearing through, apply several coats of polish. Ideally, three making sure they aren’t too thick. Make sure you’ve selected from the list of the best nail polish (including non-toxic nail polishes). If you’re using gel polish, make sure to apply each coat very thinly.

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