Pay less than a keratin treatment

Your price of going digital is less than what you charge for a keratin treatment




Billed annually

+ One time onboarding fee ₹1499 + applicable GST




Billed annually

+ One time onboarding fee ₹999 + applicable GST


There is a one-time onboarding fee that is mentioned above.

Yes, you can easily switch between plans. Contact our team at [email protected] to do so.  

Zylu software is designed in a way that it can be managed by anyone with a 5 min training. Signup for a live demo and take a tour of Zylu software.

For the basic version, we provide chat support; For the standard version, we provide chat and call support to help you with any problems.

Yes, there is an 18% GST on any plan you choose.

The merchant charges for the payment gateway are 3% plus GST for any transaction through our payment gateway.

No you don’t have to sign along term contract. You can opt for monthly plans.

Zylu is completely online and cloud based. So you don’t need to install any software. You will get an online web portal.

Select your plan and get a live demo. Afterwards you will be directed by our team. Check out the complete onboarding process here. 

Your data is completely safe and secured with us. We use cloud services to store your data and its highly protected. 

With loads of features encompassing your daily aspects of management. Zylu is designed to adapt to the needs of all aspects of the beauty and wellness industry. Zylu provides you a software to manage your business and we are also a marketplace so that you could be found by customers.

Yes, we do have an IOS and android app for customers to find your business and  allows them to book appointments online.

Zylu marketplace is an online platform for customers to look for a salon nearby to book appointments online. We have a web based app and an android and IOS  app for your customers to book appointment anytime.

No, we don’t charge any direct commission on customers sent by Zylu. There is a 3% transaction cost charged by the payment merchants.